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Phoenix Race night

Please note these question and answers are intended as a guide only. Refer to the official terms & conditions for further information.


Q: What are the conditions of entry?

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons and staff entry to the track is subject to the following Conditions of Entry: 

•  Tickets must be retained at all times 

•  Alcohol must not be taken in or from the venue 

•  Intoxicated person(s) will be refused entry/evicted from the venue 

•  Alcohol will not be served to persons under 18 years of age  

•  Smoking or Vaping is not permitted inside the grandstand or enclosed areas of any marquee or building or within 10 metres of external doors 

• Animals, other than greyhounds engaged in the meeting, are not permitted inside the venue or car parks. Exemptions apply at the discretion of the Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association management. 

•  Persons under 12 years of age must be always accompanied by a parent or guardian within the Track.

•  On track entry your image maybe used at the club’s discretion for promotional and social media use 


Q: How do I get a slot?
A: You need to apply for a slot, with all applications to be considered by an independent panel. The panel will select the best eight applications based on the selection criteria listed on the application form.

Q: Can I buy more than one slot?
A: No. A person or business may only own one slot in the race.


Q: Do I need to own a greyhound to apply for a slot?
A: No. After the successful slot holders are announced, it will be up to them to negotiate private arrangements with the trainers & owners of the greyhound they want representing them in the race.

Q: Do I need to know what greyhound I want to race for me when I apply?
A: No. This process can be managed after the slot holders are announced. You don’t have to declare which greyhound will be running in your slot until the 8th of December 2023.


Q: Can I get a group of mates together to buy a slot?
A: Yes, applications are open to all businesses, individuals or entities that satisfy all terms & conditions.


Q: When will applicants be announced?
A: Friday 8th of September 2023.


Q: Am I able to on-sell my slot?
A: Yes, but the secondary buyer must be approved by our independent panel in accordance with the original application process and the Terms and Conditions. This must be completed prior to the 31 October 2023 dealing deadline (Section 7 in the terms & conditions)


Q: Who gets the prizemoney?
A: Slot holders are free to negotiate their own private agreements with owners/trainers when selecting a greyhound to run on their behalf. The MGRA and GRV are not privy to these arrangements and the prizemoney split can be at the absolute discretion of the involved parties. Prizemoney will be paid in full by GRV to the relevant owner and/or trainer in accordance with the Rules of Racing and it will be up to the owner and/or trainer to distribute the prizemoney to the slot holder as per their private arrangement (section 8 in the terms & conditions)


Q: Can I choose any greyhound to run in my slot?

A: Slot holders must select a greyhound with minimum GRV greyhound racing points at time of nomination of 160 or lower, excluding maidens.


Q: How do I nominate a greyhound?
A: The owner or trainer of the greyhound selected to run in the slot will need to nominate it prior to Friday 8 December 2023 as per GRV’s nomination process.


Q: What if my greyhound is scratched after acceptances?
A: The slot holder will be able to select a reserve greyhound from from the reserve pool (section 9 of the conditions)


Q: How are the reserves selected?
A: Trainers may nominate an eligible greyhound that they train for a position as a reserve by calling GRV prior to the close of nominations. A pool of greyhounds will be announced at the Box Draw announcement, then the final two reserves will be selected by GRV graders. If a greyhound is scratched from the final field it will be up to the relevant slot holder to select which greyhound they would prefer.


Applications Open 24 July 2023 
Applications Close 1 September 2023


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