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El Dorado Secures PETER Sadler's 2022 Phoenix Slot

The second to last piece in the puzzle has been positioned for The Phoenix at The Meadows on December 17 with El Dorado securing a slot.

Over 525m, The Phoenix is the world’s richest greyhound race, offering $1m to the winner and El Dorado – a Melbourne Cup finalist on November 26 – has a sizzling 29.73 win PB at The Meadows to his credit.

“We started with a dream for our people and we are half-way there, now to the business end,” Peter Sadler said.

“It’s been a real journey to find the right greyhound to represent our slot and, for a ‘first timer’, I have learnt a lot.

“The one thing I’d like to make known is that I have met some terrific people, trainers and owners that have genuine care and love for their dogs.That was from the very first greyhound person I spoke to – Christine Robarston (trainer of Throttle) right through to the final selection."

“Geez she was a nice, kind person” and we thought Throttle was a great choice but he went amiss.

Of course, like any industry you come across the urgers, hagglers and the greedy but these people pale into insignificance with the nice, genuine folk! The race itself is packed with high quality, in-form greyhounds and it will come down to the box draw and a bit of luck!

I have asked one of my staff (Ryan Sharp) to pick the rails alley when the boxes are selected … he’s been with me for 20 years and it might be 20 years and one day if he mucks it up,” Sadler laughed.

The decision for Peter Sadler, in the end, was between two dogs – El Dorado and Fernando Mick.

“Dave Geall (Fernando Mick) is an awesome guy and one of the best trainers in the land. The decision was by no means easy but one we all believe El Dorado can win and lookout for the screaming 120-odd staff who will be supporting him on December 17,” Sadler added.

The make-up of The Phoenix will be finalised on Thursday with Racing Queensland’s slot to be filled by the winner of the Queensland Flame. The box draw for The Phoenix will be conducted on December 11 on Greyhound Racing Victoria’s Thrill Of The Chase program on Ch 7+.

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